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Online Festival

on Natural Childbirth

and blessing
conception 2015
Miracle in the Heart:
Conceiving. Believing. Transforming.


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We created the Festival for:

  • Pregnant women pending ‘their Miracle’ on different gestational age Those, who’ve just had a wish to become a mother and consciously prepare for the conception
  • Professionals dealing with natural childbirth training and support (doctors, doulas, spiritual midwives, midwives, prenatal and perinatal psychologists, yoga coaches, swimming trainers, dancing for pregnant –masters etc.)
  • Those, who chose the maternity art as their occupation (babywearing consultants (slings), breastfeeding consultants, specialists on baby nutrition, baby sleep, massage, natural infant hygiene method, nurse, joint gymnastics, etc.)
  • Natural parenthood supporters
  • All, who are not indifferent to the mankind development on our planet

You get into the Space of
Awareness, Nature, Love,
Happiness, Inspiration
and Transfiguration!

November 24 – December 11, 2015

In the online mode, we will put You in touch with 40 world class experts, high professionals from different parts of the world. In the open warm-hearted atmosphere, they will share their own experience, knowledge, insights and inspiration on the following themes:

  • Natural parenting philosophyBlessing conception of healthy baby
  • Nonmedical solutions for some conception difficulties
  • Skill of living happy life while being pregnant
  • Natural childbirth, training and support at hospital and in homebirth
  • First year after birth for mother and baby
  • Natural parenting philosophy

Our ‘Miracle in the Heart’ Festival’2015 is:

Наш Фестиваль 'Чудо в Сердце' 2015 это

Being in comfort at your home you will get for free:

Чудо в сердце
  • High-quality, our speakers’ experience-prove d, various, mainly unique information about natural birth, conception and conscious parenting
  • Support and inspiration for Your natural childbirth and parenthood
  • Probable acquaintance with Your ‘own’ mentor and helper for blessing conception, birth and postnatal period
  • Plunge into the atmosphere of nature, warmth, hospitability and faith in Woman
  • Put questions to our experts and get the answers immediately
  • Participate in contests, win prizes and welcome bonuses
ECO Frenfly

Please welcome our experts:

Who We Are and Why We Do It:


We are two conscious mothers , – Olga and Svetlana – who are following principles of the natural parenthood and natural childbirth, in particular, for a long time. We see in our kids and children of like-minded people how such an approach brings health and wellness not only to the babies, but also to the family as a whole.

We want to share this Light and Knowledge with other parents, giving them friendly support, encourage and inspire on this Way. Thus, in 2014 our first Festival ‘happened’ and in 2015 we organized the Course on Blessing Conception («SEMiYA» (Family): How to Conceive a Healthy Baby’), a new website and the project «Find Your ‘Own’ Birth Helper».

Now we are pleased to present You our following Natural Childbirth and Blessing Conception Festival’2015 ‘Miracle in the Heart: Conceiving. Believing. Transforming.’. We believe that it will be fruitful and useful for all the participants, while every woman will find something crucially important especially for her.


They supported us

They supported 'Miracle in the Heart' 2015

The legend of the world midwifery, Dr. Michel Odent welcomes to the Festival’2014

Fest'2014 Feedbacks

How it was in 2014

Michel Odent, MD, UK

About the fathers’ role in childbirth. What is the right question of the women in 1970th?

Hermine Hayes-Klein, JD, USA

The most important thing for women in labour to know about the legal rights.


Jack Newman, MD, Canada

When the rules of breastfeeding don’t work

FAQ about the Festival

Webinars will be everyday like last year?
No, webinars will be 3 days a week, so that You could take a rest to digest information and prepare the questions for our experts.
I do not speak Russian - what should I do?
You should take into account, there will be about 65% of Russian speaking experts at the Festival as it's oriented to the Russian Internet (Ru-net). For Your convenience, you are welcome to join webinars of English speaking experts, however some top-professional and hearty speakers from Russia and Ukraine will be translated into English as well.
What’s the difference between Fest’2015 and Fest’2014?

The main differences are as follows:

  • We will touch new important theme – the Mystery of Conception
  • 70% of new speakers, geographic extension of experts
  • Midwives will prevail as compared to doulas in 2014
  • The mode of the Festival is changed: webinars will be 3 days a week with 3 evening-time webinars, not every day (the exception is extra-days, suitable for speakers in different time zones).
Are you planning to provide video records?
All webinar records will be for your full access pass within 1 month after the end of the Festival. Those participants, who fill in the Festival Participant Questionnaire Form, will primarily (earlier than 1 month) receive the links to the webinar records.
Share for the sake of healthy and joyful birth and motherhood!
Share for the sake of healthy and joyful
birth and motherhood!
Baby gives birth to parents!
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)
we give birth to new childbirth in the world!


and get in time full access to the records of the Festival’2015
Чудо в сердце

Miracle in the Heart

With love & for the sake of Miracle of childbirth in the world,
Olga & Svetlana & project
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